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Camile Baudoin Recording Project

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For over 33 years, guitarist Camile Baudoin laid down the groove for the epic New Orleans rock band The Radiators, defining that lugubrious Crescent City sound known as “fishhead music” with his funk-driven rhythms, powerful slide work, and incendiary solos. After 4,000 performances, 17 CDs, and hundreds of major festival and television appearances, and with thousands of loyal fans nationwide, Camile and The Radiators have earned a top berth as American rock and roll icons. His success is marked by a slew of accolades, including a Big Easy Lifetime Achievement Award and induction into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. 


Despite the Radiators’ relentless touring, Camile has always found time for side projects, including the acoustic blues band The Back Porch Rockers (with legendary bluesmen Dave “Snaker” Ray and Tony Glover), a stint in Zigaboo Modeliste’s Funk Revue, a founding member of the cutting-edge classical/street funk Mardi Gras Indian Orchestra, and the acoustic Bayou Brothers, with Radiators’ bandmate Dave Malone (and on occasion the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir). In June 2011, the Radiators played their final shows. The next night, Camile debuted his new acoustic band and continues to perform and record.

Now, Camile has been developing his solo style and is currently working on the This Old House recording project. NOJC is acting as the Fiscal Agent for the project and thanks to numerous fans, the project can move forward into recording and production. 

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Artist Support

At the New Orleans Jazz Celebration, our goal is to support Louisiana and New Orleans' music culture and particularly those artists who are a part of that culture. The city has always been a combination of different cultures and communities from around the world coming together to create the one-of-a-kind sound. In that effort of support, we have even come to act as an official supporter for our artists looking to make New Orleans their home. 

NOJC has happily worked with Immigration services and became a part of a wonderful musician's journey to become a US citizen and receive his/her work visa so they can continue to stay in the States and create beautiful music. Perpetuating the sound of the city.  

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